07 June 2009

Throwing things on the ground

We had our first discipline problem with Naomi today after she threw a bunch of stuff on the ground during dinner. She was crying and crying and we kept telling her that she had to apologize to Yoko before it would be okay. This stand-off lasted for about thirty minutes with her crying for part of it, trying to pretend like it didn't happen, going back to crying, sitting on the bed by herself, screaming. It was really bizarre: she was sitting on the couch next to Yoko and we were both saying, you have to say you're sorry, and she just wouldn't say it. She totally dug in: it went on and on. Finally, she was lying on the bed and I was sitting there with her and she whispered, 'Sorry, Mommy,' so I took her back into the living room and she climbed back into Yoko's lap and whispered, 'Sorry, Mommy' again. It felt like the biggest victory ever. And possibly (possibly) like she may have learned something in the process.