27 July 2009

I guess this is growing up

It’s amazing how quickly Naomi is becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby. We went to the Japanese church service yesterday where there are about four kids who are a little bit older than her and very interested in having her involved in the service. It’s funny to listen to her speak Japanese to them with all her little mistakes that they giggle at, telling her how cute she is.

Yesterday for the first time she went up with the older girls for the children’s story time. She had a puzzle in a bag that she was carrying around in case she got bored and took it up front too. They sang songs and Naomi tried to do all the motions. When the story time came, she sat down with everyone and after about three minutes, she got bored and started pulling out her puzzle pieces and trying to talk to the girl next to her. When the story wrapped up, she picked up all of her pieces and went with the girls to the children’s service, without saying goodbye to me or Yoko.

Two is an unusual age. She still screams and cries when she doesn’t get her way, but there are these times when Naomi the older child peeks through and she is smart and rational and independent.

Mei, too, is holding her head up now and smiling. Still very much a baby, but getting to the point when you shift the way you hold her, less on your shoulder and more on your hip. She still has a long way to go, but having seen it happen once now, I am more aware of all the little changes from day to day. One day I will wake up and she’ll be walking around.