21 August 2009

A full plate, metaphorically speaking

We are moving in just about four weeks now, so I am starting to call places and tell them that I am moving, that all of our services have to be moved to the new property. No problems yet and I am not expecting any. The worst is that we will be without the Internets for a week or so, which is actually a good thing in that I will probably be able to get more done in the week of the moving.

My bike wheel is messed up and looking to cost £90 to repair. Small things here and there.

My passport did not come and I'm trying to not think that right now, I should be in Barcelona with all my best friends from college. But I am not. I am here, and that's okay.

Trying not to eat too much and trying to run.

The family is all okay, too. Mei is laughing. Naomi is acting more and more like a little girl.