04 August 2009

Hard to be a decent human being

This story about David Bazan just about nails how I feel. How do you break up with something that only ever existed in your mind? It's funny how easy it is to reject with your mind, but not your emotions. We are all still 7 year-old children, afraid of the Sunday school teacher.
Wait just a minute
You expect me to believe
That all this misbehaving
Grew from one enchanted tree?
And helpless to fight it
We should all be satisfied
With this magical explanation
For why the living die
And why it's hard to be
Hard to be, hard to be
A decent human being?
I am reminded that Nietzsche went mad with the realization that there had never been a god and he was responsible for his own fate. I wish it were easier... It is easier, however, then pretending that there's any truth to a myth.