24 August 2009

A huge, epic case of the Mondays.

It's Monday, and I'm not feeling it at all. I have work  to do. It is open in a window right there, but I have yet to touch it. It's been 37 minutes.

I changed my Monday morning around so that now, every Monday morning at 7:15AM, I teach a Chinese woman to pronounce difficult words in English. I leave the house at 6:55AM on my bicycle and arrive right before the class begins. It's a nice ride, but this morning, when I arrived, I was having trouble not yawning. What I really needed this morning was a run, a longish one, to really wake up. My right foot is still tender from last week and my left foot, even when taped, is really killing me. I'm not sure bursting all the blisters was the best thing to do. Anyway, I need to take a couple of days off to mend. This is okay because I ran about 70 km last week anyway, and my body (the parts of it I can't seem to mind over matter it with, like my joints) are saying, let's take a break.

The deadline for my MRes dissertation is two weeks from today and we are moving in 27 days. I will get the keys to the new house after I turn in the paper and start moving stuff up there, but it occurs to me that it probably won't take that long. We got here, from the airport, in two loads basically. Even if we have tripled the amount of stuff we have (which is likely as I have to move Naomi's bed and Mei-mei's crib, it still won't take THAT long, I don't think. And soon, I will be lying in the grass, in the garden, thinking, well, it wasn't THAT bad.

The new house will be great. I think (emphasize think) we will be able to afford it. I'm not sure how much more the utilities will be, but it is gas-heated and that is less expensive than electricity, I've been told. We'll have to see though. Either way, it will be much nice to be able to have my own office and be able to shut the door when I need to. There is nowhere in the current apartment where we can shut the door.

I should soon be waxing sentimental about having been in the UK for almost a year now. We'll hold off on that until the dissertation is in.