14 September 2009

Bits and pieces of moving

I am deep in the process of moving is coming along. Here is what happened today:
    • 6:13AM I woke up and realised that I won an auction overnight for a second 19 inch monitor. Great!
    • 6:55 Left to teach English
    • 7:15-8:15 Taught English
    • 8:30 Picked up Mei-mei's passport and mine from the post office centre. Visa, ftw!
    • 9:15 Went to bank with wife and children to change address, shopped for food.
    • 11ish went to school and spent forever calling energy companies, the tax office, etc. Worked a very little bit on my journal article. This and that
    • 3:00 Got home and went to the post office change my address. Needed a bunch of ID I didn't have came home, got ID, went back.
    • 3:45ish Took apart a couple of bookcases and packed some stuff.
    • 4:30ish Took said stuff to the new house, upacked some, worked on rearranging my office there.
    • 6:00ish Made way home.
    • 6:20 Ate dinner
    • 7:00 Gave kids bath
    • 7:45 More packing and cleaning while watching an interview of Larry King
    A busy day, right?