21 September 2009

Fighting it all these years

Moving is over. Well, not completely over, but everything is out of the old apartment and it is like 85% cleaned up. I still have some stuff to do there.

The new house has everything in it. Yoko and I were up to 1:30 this morning putting stuff away, but it was really nice. We didn't really feel it.  We were having dinner and I couldn't really believe it, in a lot of ways: two kids and house outside of London. Naomi slept in her own room all night  and I ate breakfast in the conservatory. I ran, and got home around 8:00 and cut the hedges, showered in our actual, real shower, dropped off some dry cleaning, went to the old apartment to put the covers back on the sofa cushions, and then came to work. Now, I am supposed to be working on my paper, but instead, I am bidding on monitors on eBay.