25 September 2009

A moment now?

It's been wicked busy moving in, but I have a moment as I wait for the IT guy. We moved into the house and are completely out of the old apartment. Things should be completely settled tomorrow and we'll see how much of the deposit we'll get back some time tomorrow.

(a day later)

Okay, let's try this again. The IT guy came, saved nothing, and I had to remake the whole freaking website. Whatever.

Well, here's what I'm up to:
  • Getting ready for my class at Middlesex, starting on Monday. I have more or less finished the first class plan, but I'm taking it pretty relaxed for the first couple of weeks. I have a computer hooked up to the powperpoint machine, so this should be helpful in producing good material
  • Student induction at the OU. I have to be involved in a couple of events with the international students. I will get a lot of free food and some free beer though.
  • Starting my PhD. I have my first meeting with my supervisor on Wednesday, and she is expecting possible research questions and data samples, I guess. This is more than I thought I needed at this point, but the way we were talking yesterday sounds a bit like I might be out of here in less than three years, which is a bit intimidating and not ideal because, frankly, at this point, the money is probably close to as good as I would make working and I have almost no responsibility.
  • Supervisor's new project. My supervisor is starting a new project about 'Living with Uncertainty' about empathy and the perceived threat of terrorism. Anyway, October first and second, there are events all day that I have to be at in a sports coat, smiling and directing people to coffee.
  • Preparing for viva. I have to defend my dissertation on the 6th. This should be okay. I mean, we'll have to see.
  • Marking for Birmingham. A batch is coming in next week, I think.
I'm missing Japan a little today. Missing autumn.