26 October 2009

Oxford Street, Pretentious d-bags, and 27 inch screens

Today, everything seemed to go right: I made all my transfers, and when I got on the shuttle bus to school, there was only one seat left. My class went well, and I was able to ride the shuttle bus back to the station without having to wait or throw any elbows to get on. Rather than waste all this good luck at the library, an ad on a billboard got me thinking I might want to scurry down to Oxford St. to see what fashionable people were up to.

Oxford St (particularly right around the Oxford Circus Station), for those of you who don't know, is populated with all sorts of high end what-have-you, right on the end of Soho. I went to have a cup of coffee and maybe walk down Regent St to see if the Christmas stuff was up yet. Instead, I ended up going down Oxford St and stopped in at a couple of places:
  • Urban Outfitters: I don't know if you any of you have ever been to this store before, but it's like the place you can buy all the stuff that was sort of underground a year ago, but is now played out and the reason you know it is played out is that you can buy it Urban Outfitters. Anyway, I looked around, and decided that probably the David Ruffin glasses that I want are probably already played out, but that probably won't stop me from getting them.
  • American Apparel: This place was super creepy. I guess the '90's are retro now, but I'm not willing to put on a neon anything for a little while, I think.
  • Uniqlo: This is the coolest clothing store (next to Ships and Neverland) in Japan and I'm wicked happy they have a few in the UK. I saw a couple of things that I wanted and could probably even afford. I think for Christmas, instead of buying each other stuff, Yoko and I will just go there and each spend like 30 quid and call it even.
  • Marks and Spencer: Just had to pee here, nothing to report.
  • Apple Store: I wanted to see if the 27 inch iMac was ridiculous or not and how the new mouse was. Both are better than I suspected, but probably not worth the ₤1500 they want for it. Still, it was nice to see it. The 27 in screen is probably really nice too, actually. They are so beautiful, anyway.
  • Banana Republic: Saw an excellent one button blazer that I want, but it was just under ₤200, which is way, way too much for a struggling artist like myself. With two kids to feed. College educations.
And although there were no seats on the 4:48 train back to MK, I sort of enjoyed sitting on the ground, reading my Community Studies book — all of London disappearing behind the sun going down as we raced into Buckinghamshire and back home.