07 October 2009

Putting it off

I should be making revisions to my thesis, but I haven't gotten the official comments from the examiners, so I am going to wait on it and blog instead.

Today has so far been a rotten, no good day that started with me trying to get documents together for transferring our NHS clinic, included Mei falling out of her child seat due to my careless handling of said seat (she's okay), and then after I biked a half hour to work, I realised that I had left my key card at home, meaning I couldn't get into any of the buildings.

The problems are all solved now. Mei wasn't seriously injured, just very surprised. We got a double pram that folds up quite small. This is for our trip to Paris in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will do the work that I require of it.

Other than that, things have been going well. I lost some potential income, so that's not very nice. But it won't break us and we have enough of a cushion at this point that we can take a bit of a loss.

This is the building I teach in. Looks more 'universitorial' than the OU, but don't be fooled.