19 November 2009

Computer? Okay?

Today as I was riding into work, one of my panniers came off when I hit a bump. This was the one with my laptop, unfotunately, and I thought, Oh this could be really bad. The bag got cut up, but after plugging it in at work, there doesn't seem to be a problem. Safe for the time being. Saints be praised.

I had to spend a good part of a half an hour last night trying to track down a plagiarized part of an essay one of my students wrote. It's such a pain just to prove what I already knew. You can't have an essay that's a complete mess and then like three perfect sentences that don't have quotes around them. Anyway, luckily I don't have to really take any serious action (that would involve going before a committee, etc.) as this didn't count towards their final mark, but come on guys: I clearly, clearly explained this to you.

Ugh. I also found out that even as you move up the metaphorical totem pole in the university system in the UK, you are still, for the rest of your career, marking papers. So I suppose I better get used to it, or improve my French enough that I can go be a rodeo clown there. Although, as I think about it, I'm sure there ain't a lot of rodeo clowns in France. Never mind: I will be the first.