05 November 2009

Cyclist rage

Today, I finally snapped coming into work when I got the horn from somebody trying to pass me on a two lane bridge that is like 100 meters long. Here's a message for you along with my middle finger: I'm doing 40 km/hr. I'm not drinking your beer. I'm not taking your turn. Take a fucking deep breath and wait the 30 seconds it takes to get over.

And then a lorry, passing me, seems to forget that he is pulling a trailer and although the cab has cleared me, the rest of his truck hasn't. Riding off the bike paths on the main roads is so much faster and easier, but  give me some goddamn space. Immediately after flipping this person the bird though, I had the sinking feeling as I was quite close to the OU that I might have given it to another member of staff, or worse, someone that I know or who has some control over my funding. Luckily, they didn't turn into the uni nor the person behind me. As I thought about it, however, I stood by my gesture. How else am I supposed to communicate back with them when I get taken over like that. Seriously.