02 November 2009

Green Park

I had the most explosive yen  to finish 1Q84 after having left it withering for something like 6 weeks. I had 250 pages left, so starting on Friday night and ending just now, I pushed my way through. I found out yesterday that there will actually be a Book 3 coming out next year, so even though I finished, perhaps I haven't. Getting to the end was an achievement, but the ending isn't that much of an ending and I grew tired of it as the chapters wore on. Book 1 was much better than Book 2 and I think it got be a little too much: stop explaining what's happening, man, we get it: it's sort of real and sort of not. Anyway, I have to wait until the English translation to come out to really trust my reading of the Japanese.

I taught my class and came out to Green Park to finish reading, but because it was cold, I came into a coffee shop with WiFi and have decided to take the 17:46 train home. The leaves in Green Park are wicked pretty right now. It's just clinging on to autumn...

Inside, where it's warm, Christmas music is playing and now that British Summer Time is over, it is already pretty much dark out. The city, the buses: it is all enchanting. I'll have to remember to come back to this cafe.