27 November 2007

Revising the text, taking the pill

I'm not obsessed with hip hop music, it's just what's been on my mind lately. Everything seems much more urgent than everything else I have been listening to. Indie rock is such a joke right now. What else am I supposed to do.

My revisions are revising me, actually. Really taking me to the cleaner's. Looking at other papers in this journal, however, I feel like I will be in pretty good company if this article ever gets out there. If it doesn't, then I will love it.

Here is one problem about teaching English in Japan: Your students are also your customers. So if they don't show up to class, you cannot get paid. You have to make them happy as consumers, not as students. If they quit, you lose money, they don't get a bad grade. I'm going to be happy to be out of this game.