22 January 2010

Another silly decade

I'm not feeling well. I've been trying to get into the analysis of one of my videos, but I'm sort of stuck in it, trying to get my analytic framework to make sense and get some definitions to describe what I am looking at. I had found a good definition for 'footing', which I thought (and according to at least one of the definitions I read) was about considering the relation between the identity of the speaker/ writer and the facticity of the version they produce, but when I went back to the original text, this seemed to be a bad reduction of a really messy idea. It all seems messy right now.

I also got my French homework back and I did okay, but my speaking is not improving at all, and if I don't improve on this, I am likely to do very poorly on the end-of-year exam. I was frustrated by it, frustrated that I haven't improved as much as I like or had the opportunity or courage to speak when given the opportunity. Well, this will hopefully be remedied as I hope to be in Paris twice in March —  once with my sister and once with Yoko's brother's family. All the language I do know will serve me well as the first book and half of my course has been all about the language you use when you travel.

Now, if only we could get those kids to sleep through the night...