16 January 2010

Birthday Festival Day 3: The Turl St. Pub and cake baking

Today we had a good day in our celebration of Yoko's birthday, including a trip to Oxford: a favourite of both Yoko and me. We have dreams of making our way there one day, if there is something for us there.

We were planning to go to Oxford Castle, but after seeing that it was going to require some serious stair climbing, we opted out and decided to wander around, to get lunch.  We decided to eat pub food and at at the Turl St. pub, which wasn't especially good, but it didn't really matter.

In Oxford,  you can buy La Monde, the Parisian daily newspaper, off the rack.

It rained and all the snow is gone. My papers are marked and I have a moment before I need to start getting ready for my classes on Monday, but the wine is gone now.