27 January 2010

Taking names

Today, in an effort to put my cold behind me, I road my bicycle to work. This seemed like a good idea at the time and felt very good as I was riding and showering, but I'm beginning to crash a little bit and dreading the ride home...

I have to complete several tasks today, including:
  • Reworking article for February 15th deadline
  • French homework
  • Reading and data analysis for ambiguous, increasingly unstable PhD project
My reworking of my article for the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue is forcing me to cut to a lot of the process bits of the article. I was very explicit about the process that I used and exactly how I did it, but this article needs to be a little more about what I found and what I think about what I found. A much, much different goal then my dissertation on the same subject.

Lying awake in bed last night, I was thinking that what I need to do at this point is gather up all the bits I've cut and look again at my dissertation, and make another process-oriented article for either the Journal of CMC or Language@Internet. Publishing something in either of those journals would be a big coup for me at this point in my career, so I am going to give it 132%. Give or take.

If I can do that, then I can cite both articles in my probationary report this summer and my examiners will be amazed.

On a completely unrelated note, we have to go to a birthday party on Saturday that starts at 2:25. '2:25?' I said to Yoko, 'Who the hell starts a party at 2:25?' Well, they expect that people will come a little later, at 2:30. 'Then why don't they just say 2:30?' I said. Well, because if they say 2:30, then people will show up at 2:40. They've done research on this. 'We're going at 2:25,' I said. 'If it's 2:25, we go at 2:25. We'll show them.'