30 March 2010


A quick note for my wife: 心配しないで。テーブルを洗った。

Okay, now that my wife's mind is at ease, I give you:
Yes, for £22.94, I got my boots re-so(u)led. This was a lot, I thought, especially since I've only had the boots for like 6 months. But they were wearing down and the heel clips I had gotten in the States fell off. So I had the whole thing re-done in rubber, with steel clips in the heels. The result? Boots that are like 95% more durable, I think. I was really happy with how they came out. Once they wear a little bit, they will be perfect. Perfect!

I was trying to describe to my wife how the boots make me feel, but I wasn't getting it. I said they made me feel powerful, but that's only part of it. I love them. Big time.

Another thing that makes me feel powerful is when a supervision meeting goes well, like it did today. But all I need to do to feel weak again is think about editing my paper for Language@Internet. And it's gone.