29 March 2010

I will save your life

Initially, I didn’t think much of the new Deftones record, basically because it has the worst cover of all. But, as I listen to it more and open my heart to it, I feel it creeping in. Okay, sure, screaming ‘guns, razors, knives!’ doesn’t appeal to this new version of me in a collared shirt, but otherwise, I find it very nice.

I finished teaching today. A whole school year — just over six months. It was, by far, the best teaching experience I have ever had. Although I didn’t think that my time in Japan did much more my pedagogical practice, it did. A lot. Teaching English might not be the most interesting thing, but classroom maintenance is classroom maintenance in any context. The students I had in this course were pretty great though: really kind, interesting people who were very forgiving of my first year teaching at this level. I have been asked to teach again next year, so that will be very nice and quite welcome to the ol’ Pihlaja current account which is sure to suffer over the intervening, dry summer months.

Not really, but it sounds more interesting that way.

My boots will be done tomorrow and I will have new glasses by next Wednesday. I’m looking forward to it. Big time. Bookish, western sensibility. I think it will work for me, kids. I can feel it in my bones.

And finally, somewhere along the way, I have started using Arial instead of Times New Roman. The OU uses Arial mainly, says it’s easier to read on computer screens. I think I agree, even if it is a bit low class: the font of the Proletariat!