28 March 2010


There are three things I should be doing instead of blogging:
  1. Working on handouts for class tomorrow
  2. Working on draft of paper for supervision meeting that is due before I go to sleep
  3. Working on my article for Language@Internet
  4. Working on an abstract for the American Anthropological Association Annual meeting
Wait, that's four.

So on Saturday I had big plans to spend some money on some clothes: some undershirts mostly and possibly a couple of dress shirts. I started rummaging through my wardrobe and found that I had a lot of quite acceptable stuff, nothing to buy really, but I did need to properly wash some of my shirts, and iron and starch them. I spent a couple of hours on this today and yesterday, realising that everything I already have, if I would just take care of it properly, would be quite nice. So I'm going to serious about ironing from now on.

I need to get new glasses as I haven't had my eyes checked in like a four years and was having trouble seeing some stuff at a conference last week. I made an appointment to get my eyes checked and already picked out the frames I want. Not the wayfarers. Gotta go cheaper, and not so trendy, I think. I did find some ones that make me look appropriately bookish though, so don't worry.

That AAA meeting I'm writing an abstract for is in New Orleans. Long way to actually going, but some real live ethnographic work might be in my future. Stay tuned.