14 March 2010

My bad Saturday

  • Debit card details stolen: £30 charged to card. Luckily, I can get it back, but my card has to be replaced and I won't have it before I go to Paris on Wednesday. Great.
  • Drove car into a wall. I have a nice scratch on the passenger side back door. That will be like £100 to fix I think.
The sun is shining now, though, and I planted some grass yesterday after doing some cleaning in the garden. I cut back some of our plants, mowed, and dug up the very weird potato patch outside the back door. I then smoked my pipe, enjoying my handiwork.

I can't complain: going to France, sister coming, sun shining. I also saw another possibility for me after I finish my PhD that would extend my stay in the UK for about a year and not require a new visa. Great!