24 April 2010

Making at least one right choice

Our first bill came from our new energy supplier, and except for a mistake they made in reading our meters, it seems as though we made the right choice in changing suppliers and, more importantly, in moving to the bigger house. Although we definitely couldn't have made it work in our old apartment, coming to such a big place as where we are now, I worried that it might be too expensive to heat and light. We suffered through a terribly cold winter by British standards and were able to afford the heating comfortably.

I am almost halfway through my work at the OU. After my probationary viva on June 21st, I will be a second year student and our student life will come to an end sooner rather than later. I don't think it's been that hard... The first six months were hard, but I think that was more my personality than the actual hardness. It's been harder for the family than for me, I imagine. I went to bed last night after locking the doors in the house and setting the washing machine and dishwasher and I thought, I'm just a kid: what am I doing.

Yoko and I reminisced yesterday about September of 2005. Has it been almost five years?