09 April 2010


Submission is the main tenet of Islam and academia.

Whenever I submit an article, I have an immediate sense of panic: was there a huge error in the article? Did I check it carefully enough? Is it missing something? I added something right before I sent it, was that checked properly? I have an overall good feeling about the article being EVENTUALLY accepted, but probably not in this next round. If it gets outright rejected, I will be upset, but that seems unlikely. I don't think the article got any worse since the first draft.

I did solve one small problem: a hole in my favourite white shirt which I patched with an iron-on thing. Barely noticeable now.

Tomorrow, my new glasses will come, and the Stephen of the last four years, in my Japanese glasses that I got because I the contacts I wanted didn't fit, will hit the scrap heap of my life.