04 May 2010

Finding my secret purpose

All I'm doing is writing about running. Yesterday I ran. I need to run again this week, but I can only do it tomorrow. So tomorrow, I am going to run again.The sun is shining today. I got done with my French homework, I finished marking at MDX, I finished a draft of my probationary report, I got a new keyboard and mouse. The girls have been sick, and I have done a bad job of taking care of them. May will be too busy.

Mei turns one on Sunday. Just like that. It's been such a long year/ it's been such a short year. She fell asleep as I stroked her head last night.

My analysis is stuck and I am trying to read my way out of it. It's like being stuck inside a box. It's nothing like being stuck inside a box. All my problems in my research can be thought out of. I made this diagram:
I met the person who I hope will give me my dream job in five to ten years.