06 May 2010

Stomach problems, learning problems

I have been fighting off some illness in my stomach: the same illness that Yoko and the girls had last week. I was assuming that it would finally get me, and it did. It couldn't have got me at a worse time though: I had an awful supervision meeting on Tuesday, the kind of meeting you leave thinking, well, perhaps I should just pack up and go home. It's the nature of this sort of work, I suppose, but I was upset and haven't really gotten over all of my upsetness. I have to keep moving forward though.

The illness hit on Tuesday night, but I decided to try to go to work on Wednesday and ended up feeling so poorly that I fell asleep on the floor of the locker room, waiting for a presentation that I needed to give at 2. I gave my presentation, Yoko picked me up, and I went to sleep from 4 yesterday afternoon until 10 this morning, more or less. Here I am now, and I am feeling like I might have something — that I can make progress on in my report.

One piece of good news: I was accepted to present at the BAAL (British Association of Applied Linguistics) conference in September. I was rejected from this conference last year, so I am happy that I will be presenting. Another chance to network and get the word out about my work.