18 May 2010

Trying to get writing

I am at work earlier than normal, wearing my new pink shirt which is slightly better cut and smaller than the other new shirts I picked out on Friday and which my mother got for me. I have everything set to write. Now, to actually get writing.

I was up until about 12 last night, working on my probationary report which is due on June first and which I need to complete a full draft of by Thursday evening. I am doing okay, not stuck by any means, but I still do need to keep going forward at a brisk pace: I should finish the basic elements of the whole thing by the end of today, which means about 1,500 more words and some adjustments in the early part of the methods chapter. Last night, I went to bed with things to still write, hoping it would give me a good starting point today, but that was the wrong thing to do: I should have kept going as my ideas, fresh and pressing last night, have melted away and my notes that I made before I went to bed do not seem as clear as they were.

Given the time pressure, I had to make a decision to use an analytic framework that is new to me and which I am not completely convinced of. This is okay, ultimately, it will make sense as it needs to, but I am still not comfortable writing about it at the level that I need to be. Also, the things that originally caused me concern about it, namely a fear that it might be too static in how it deals with the phenomenon I am investigating, seems to be a recurring problem. I don't think it will be impossible to overcome and my writing at this point is starting to show bits of clarity, but I'm still not convinced of it completely.

Yesterday, I ran, rode my bike and gave blood, three things I shouldn't do on the same day. I felt weak riding home and realised that when I ride my bike with 16 pounds of backpack, I am actually exerting more effort than I am if I don't have the bag: a small point, but as I am trying to balance my caloric intake, I need to take all of this into consideration. Although my body weight hasn't moved much in the last week or so, the percentage of body fat is down, so I am happy with that. I need to be able to maintain my weight, but it's hard, after eating so little for a month or so, to begin to add more food to your diet. How incredibly boring is all that.

Anyway, let's get swinging again and make some sense of YouTube Christians.