28 June 2010

Social Media and Metaphor Tour, Day 1

Well, I'm at my conference in London now, which is fortuitously at the Open University campus, meaning that I can use the Internet with no problem at all. The hotel is quite nice, but you have to pay for both the Internet and the breakfast, two small inconveniences that are actually both good for my productivity and not getting fat on this trip. I did, however, forget two important things already: my electricity adapter for Amsterdam and my mouse. Not that bad, I suppose.

My birthday was subdued and it was a nice afternoon. We took a bike ride in the morning. As I suspected, the ride into the city was quite nice, especially now that I have some new music from iTunes cards I got from various members of my family, including:
  • The new Drake album
  • Blueprint III
  • Broken Bells album
  • Conor Oberst album from a few years ago
  • Get Lonely
So far all of them have been very nice. I quite like Broken Bells one because I like Danger Mouse.