08 July 2010

Four years

Yoko and I have agreed to continue our yearly marriage contract another year.

Four years? Has it been four years. Do you remember that Johnny and June Cash song where they talk about getting married in a fever? We got married in a fever. I had read Gravity's Rainbow in 2004 and there was this line: 'Fuck the war: we're in love'. That's how I felt about everything. It didn't matter: nothing mattered. We were in love and it made sense. It couldn't be explained.

I don't think I would ever tell anyone to get married just because it makes sense (italics are key here). In fact, if someone was telling me that they were getting married because it made sense I would probably be pretty skeptical. And you should be skeptical too. But year after year after year, I think it makes sense in more empirical and verifiable ways.

'I believe in me — Yoko and me — that's reality.' John Lennon