06 July 2010

My life in bed

Yoko gave me the ultimate birthday gift: while I was in Amsterdam, she moved Mei out of our room. No crib, no nothing. Just our bed. This is the first time we have been sleeping just the two of us for the first time in a little over three years. That's right. Three years. It's pretty amazing. I'm not sure what to do with myself. The kids in the other room are having a good time too, from what I can tell. Mei is still breastfeeding so it will be a while before she is completely sleeping through the night. The following conversation happened over dinner:
Me: (to Yoko) When do you think Mei-mei is going to stop breastfeeding?
Yoko: (thinking)
Me: (to Mei) When do you think you're going to stop breastfeeding?
Mei: (lifts both hands up as part of her 'I don't know trick')
There was another good dinner conversation:
Yoko: (to Naomi) When you go to school, you'll have a lot of friends.
Nana: (thinking)
Yoko: What should I do when you're playing with your friends?
Nana: Vacuum (which Naomi mispronounces as 'funeral' in Japanese — a bonus double joke)
Lots to do until middle of August. Will I get all this done?