20 July 2010

New Music

An offer to download 50 mp3s for free came to my doorstep and I jumped for it. They were free, but a mistake led me to ordering 25 more for another £9.99. Whatever. It was from www.emusic.com which only has  independent music and goes on a credit system rather than an album system. Good if you are buying albums with not so many songs on them. But because they charged my credit card without what I felt was due warning, I can't really recommend them...

Anyway, here's what I got:
  • Vic Chesnutt's At the Cut. You might recall my obsession with this song earlier this summer, so I finally decided to get the record it came from. Really good, actually. Another one of the great just-before-you-die records, like Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen.
  • Deadmau5's Get Scraped. Not as good as the new one on the website, but I like it.
  • Ratatat's LP4. Really good, classic Ratatat sound.
  • Future, Jazz. This is a compilation album that I got because I thought it was all DJ Krush. DJ Krush has one song on it, but it's all remixed jazz. Very nice.
  • The Mountain Goat's Tallahassee. Wanted for a long time, finally own. Saints be praised!
  • The Album Leaf's Into the Blue Again. Not sure how this is as I am downloading it now.
And I have 4 songs left.

My dead hard disk led me to delete a ton of music from my iTunes library — stuff I would never listen to, but was holding on to. Anthrax? I also deleted most of the single songs that I had downloaded from the Internet over the years. Only listen to full albums as a rule anyway — why have all this crap in my library.