03 July 2010

Social Media and Metaphor, Day Six: That's an empirical question

'That's an empirical question', in response to a question to a scholar about his opinion of something, is the best statement from a conference presenter I've ever heard. His answer, I think, really explains the way a researcher should think: there is no reason to speculate about a question that can be answered empirically.

This trip has been fabulous. Much better than last. Lynne, my supervisor, is outgoing chair of this organisation, which allows her students all sorts of wonderful access and perks. Last night, we were invited out with the executive committee of the organisation and sat in an outdoor bar, overlooking Vondelpark, while Amsterdam celebrated its World Cup victory. Sitting at the table were all the people that I have read and re-read. All of them brilliant scholars and all them wonderfully eccentric in their own ways. People mention how lucky we are to have Lynne as our supervisor because of her attention to detail, especially when it comes to methodology. I agree — it's like winning the academic lottery. She also, for what it's worth, said she was proud of us.

Monday I go back to my desk at the OU and plugging away on my research. It's been a good six days though: I made some good contacts, had a good time and am full of good ideas for the future.

Now to get back to Yoko and the girls.