13 August 2010

Becoming a healthy French speaker

Let's not go overboard here though: not French speaker so much as 'person who has passed basic French'. That's me, that' s my goal. I am moving slowly towards that, finishing my last homework, starting to work on the final assessment, and preparing for the real challenge: the speaking final. Luckily, we have the questions beforehand, sort of, so I just gotta prepare. And I have gone ten working days of studying a half hour every day, so I'm happy with that.

As I am getting closer to my goal weight, I'm trying to change some things around to keep my weight at a healthy level for... well, I'm going to start by trying to get through September. Today, I ate twice as many calories as I usually do for breakfast and will do the same for lunch. Hopefully, this will solve my headache problems in the late afternoon and allow me to stop eating for the day around six, unlike what I have recently been doing, which is hardly eat anything all day and then try to keep myself from eating too much at night. The problem (well, not really a problem) is that from eating less, I feel full very quickly, perhaps too quickly sometimes. I need to get into the habit of eating five times a day.

It's hard though. I am realising a couple of things: how you feel, how you look, how much you weigh, and how healthy you are don't necessarily correlate. Ideally they do, but it's not always the case... I also realised that I have to relearn:
  • Being happy or celebrating should not correlate with eating too much.
  • Being with friends should not correlate with eating too much.
  • Eating one cookie (for example) should not be a less enjoyable experience than eating five cookies.
  • Going on vacation or to a conference or any other break in habit should not correlate with eating more.
I watch a lot of the big vlogs on YouTube from the States, and those people are always eating out and appearing to have a good time. I'm sort of jealous of it when I watch it. What does that say about me.

Christopher Hitchens is dying.