15 August 2010

Best day ever

We had a pretty great weekend:
  • Ran Saturday (16 km) and today (14 km)
  • Road to Newport Pagnell yesterday (15.2km), scored sweet shoes for £8. These shoes are great. And I straight-laced them. Perfect.
  • Went to the mall.
  • Made pizza for cheap.
  • This morning we got up with the goal of going to the flea market.
  • We rode to the stadium where the flea market usually is and there was no flea market.
  • Not bothered, we got flapjacks and went to the lake.
  • Then we went to the garden centre and bought ham and bread and had lunch.
  • Rode home (30km altogether)
I have been thinking that one of the things I should do with my bike is get a handlebar with a rise so that I sit up more and have more stability. Yoko's bike has a handlebar with about a 1 inch rise so I put it on my bike and it was like a life-changing experience. So I went onto eBay and got a handlebar with a 2 inch rise. Along with my new pedals coming sometime tomorrow, I will have stability, visibility and fraternity. The bike riding is fabulous. My commute is going to be much better this year.

And the best news, the reason the day was so good, I found out I would be teaching two classes at Middlesex from October to April. This means financial stability and gained expertise. I am going to teach Empirical Studies of English in the autumn with Research Methods which I am really excited about.

This week I have to revise me some articles and have my first supervision in like three months. Hopefully this will be successful.