10 September 2010

Aberdeen Trip, Day 3 cont.

Well, my presentation went really well. I had a problem exporting my file in the morning: panicked a bit, but everything worked out. The presentation was (very?) well attended with like 20-25 people: one of the most attended I have been in so far, at least. At the beginning I blanked for about three seconds: in my mind this was a huge thing that was probably just a blip, but I pulled it out of the ditch and got going. People asked good questions and three or four people have found me out during the breaks since then to say they enjoyed it. The session chair came and sat next to me at lunch as well: he's from Lancaster which is also on my list of places I want to work, so it was nice.

And I wore my bowtie. I owned it. OWNED it.

Now I can relax. I've run out of business cards though. Stupid to forget those, right?