08 September 2010

At work?

I wasn't supposed to come into work today, but the stars aligned. I came to look for my watch, but it's not here, so it should be at home somewhere. Whatever, I need to work on my presentation and transcribe some videos.

This morning, I woke at 6, which seems to be the way things are going now. I got on the scale to see how I was doing and I was at 74.7, meaning that I am still losing weight and will have to, when I get back home from my trip, start to eat more. There's no way around it. I'm obviously worried about this and falling off the wagon, but my clothes are getting loose and I need to stay healthy. It's a long way to underweight, but I never really wanted to be skinny. Just healthy.

So I went running, had breakfast and got ready to take Naomi to school. I told her again and again about what the plan was:
  1. We would go together
  2. I would wait a little while
  3. I would leave
  4. She would play and have a snack
  5. Mommy would come pick her up
Anyway, she was a bit apprehensive about this, but we got there and like I said, I sort of hung back and let her play. She came up to me to see if I was still there, and I told her the plan again and she went off to play. She came back a second time and again I told her the plan. She came up a third time and I told her that I was going to go now and she needed to play, but mommy would come pick her up after the snack. She nodded and I said goodbye and she waved and said goodbye and went back to playing.

And I left. And they haven't called to say she melted down. So. Success?

Complicated, I thought I was walking to Aldi to see if they had frozen fruit: things are so damn complicated. How do we all get what we need and want. How does the family negotiate everyone's needs.

When my brother left for college in... it must have been '97 (correct me if I'm wrong, DeWalt)? Anyway, our family for like 4 months was completely thrown into a malaise. We moved to Chicago and nobody knew what to do with this giant gap in our lives. It was hard: all the relationships had to readjust. Naomi going to school 12 hours a week is certainly nothing like this, but the centre of gravity is going to start to shift again, I think. Language in the house will start to change: the girls will speak to each other in English. They will be more busy: they have things going on every day of the week now. This will hopefully afford me more freedom, less responsibility to keep everyone entertained all the time. Maybe I'll read a book.