16 September 2010


Obviously, I was a bit naive about my ending of the diet. It's like this, I have been killing it from both ends to lose weight: diet and exercise. Most of August and up to last week, I was making daily losses of between 1,000 and 1,500 kCals, sometimes more. I thought that I would be able to get back to eating normal amounts of food, but it's pretty clear that I need to ease back into it, especially if I'm not going to be running three times a week (which I don't think I will, given that I think my body needs a little recovery time). I am still riding my bike to and from work, giving me another 500-600 kCals to include in my diet, but I think I need to ease back into it. I was back up to 75.7 yesterday, although that seems to have been a high peak, but I would still like high highs to be more in the high 74 range. My rolling average is at about 75.8 and has dropped (albeit very slowly) everyday, so as that is the number I really should be watching, I can't complain. So yesterday and today I am back to a 2,000-2,200 kCal intake, giving me a loss of between 600-800 kCals. Hopefully this will help me ease down to the high 74s while I figure out how to stay the same weight, with some fluctuation. I'm not really sure how much I should expect to fluctuate, really, but my guess is that will become clear in the next month or so.

Boring, I apologise.

I had my last French class last night and took a mock final, which I did okay on. I just have to be able to reproduce it come the actual final. I have all the questions. I know exactly what's going to happen: she's going to ask me very simple questions about my family and I have to do a role play. You're allowed to lie if it makes it easier. It's sort of like this, here's a good analogy: speaking French is like playing football (the world variety). You have to do all these things to be a good footballer. This class, however, has focused on kicking the ball into the net. The whole time we have stood in front of an open net and tried to kick the ball in. For the final, for the first time, there will be a goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper, before you take the shot, will tell you which way they will jump. 'Look, I'm going to go left, all you have to do is put it in the right side, okay?' And last night we had a practice. 'Okay, Stephen, just kick it in the right side.' And I went up and took a big kick and the ball went down the centre very, very slowly, almost making it across the line. My teacher, the goalkeeper in this analogy, said, 'Okay good shot, you can come up and kick it the rest of the way in.'

I keep wanting to tell people, you know I speak Japanese quite well. Quite well. They're like, yeah, yeah, why can't you pronounce vous aimez, you idiot.