20 September 2010

More protein, less fat

My first week of trying to maintain my weight loss went well. I was up all week and then back down below where I was last week on Monday, but my rolling average went down .43 kgs to 75.53 kgs, and I was at a new all time low today, only a bit less than the last one. I would like that to be below 75 kgs, but that should happen in the next weekish, so I'm not too worried. I've been in my goal range now for 15 days.

What I am more worried about is deciding what I should eat now. I realised that I live, actually, a pretty sedentary life when I am at home and school, and probably need close to 2,300 kCals plus whatever I use for cycling to and from work. So I need to eat more high protein, lower fat/ sugar/ carbs food. One of the reasons I felt so bad when I was dieting, I realised, was that I was eating so much sugar and carbs and not nearly enough protein. Of course, I dropped weight through the maths of it all, but I could have done it a lot easier if I had eaten more protein. I think the answer is beans, meat, and more beans. Soya beans, to be exact. It's hard to get protein without getting fat. Eggs, nuts: lots of protein, lots of fat. Beans have more fiber too.

Basically, the Japanese diet is perfect: fish (protein, no fat), beans and tofu (protein, no fat), rice (good carbs), and vegetables (fiber and vitamins).That Chipolte salad, minus the cheese and sour cream, was really good too, I think.

On the self-control side, not eating too much in London on Saturday and when the church ladies came over yesterday was successful, although I did technically eat too much when the church ladies came, I just didn't eat anything else the rest of the day. This is what got me thinking about protein. I had about 500 kCals in sugar, and I only felt like eating more. This morning I had an egg, cheese, and ham bagel sandwich (still too much fat, but some protein at least: I would usually have just had the bagel) and I feel much fuller. More meat for lunch...