05 October 2010

Paper comes back

It can't all be smooth sailing:
I enjoyed reading this paper – although, I’d afraid I was not able to spend a long time writing out reviewer comments. What I have offered here instead are some marked-up comments which I hope may be useful to you as you take your work forward. At this time, I am not able to recommend the paper for publication because there’s a lot more work that’s needed. Without a more rigorous and carefully applied analytic framework, I’m not sure it will be suitable for Discourse & Communication – especially not under the guise of multimodal discourse analysis. I also think your new media framework will need tightening up a lot before you look to present it as a piece of new media scholarship. I’m sorry not to offer a more positive response. Please don’t think, however, that you have nothing to offer – you’re just going to have do do a better job of helping people see it.

Back to work.