13 October 2010

Ups and Downs

The shower is occupied by someone, so I have to wait here at my desk in my workout clothes until it is free.

Yesterday marked three months since I had started trying to lose weight. I think I can call it a success, although after having hit the all time low of 73.5 on Monday, I was 74.7 this morning. Hopefully that means my fluctuations are getting larger (ie., normal) and I am getting closer to maintaining. It was a surprise though as I still have not eaten the amount of calories I used yet and it was the first time that I had ticked above my rolling average on the physics diet site (the rolling average is 74.38, I think). So I was a bit frustrated by that, but then frustrated with myself for being frustrated: this is the way it is, and I need to get used to it. I can't just keep losing; I am where I want to be and it's going to involve some fluctuation.

I had a good supervision yesterday: it's strange how this is actually getting to a point where we are talking more about the end than we have in the past. The end is coming. We're talking about thesis chapters, postdoc mentors, all the things that I need to think about for the end. A strange, but good feeling. Did I think I would be a PhD student forever? Eventually you become Dr. So-and-so and go teach/ research somewhere.

We are going to Spain on Sunday. Naomi is a bit sick and home from school, but I think we're going to be okay. She should be able to well by then. If Mei gets sick, that's fine: we can drag her around, but Naomi is more difficult to drag. I did some investigation about Torremolinos, where we are going. It's very, very touristy, but I have to say, I'm sort of looking forward to that. I don't want to have to worry about anything: I just want to relax. Big hotel, big swimming pool, big beaches. Four days of having picnics on the beach. That's fine with me.

And I start teaching on Friday. I'm more-or-less ready to go, although you are never really ready to go with these things. Lots to think about--lotta ins, lotta outs. I'll be happy to be on the train come Friday morning 9:41: Milton Keynes to London. Quick coffee in London and up to Middlesex. My Friday routine until May.