17 December 2010

Presentations in the new year

The titles from the five presentations I have in the pipes for the new year. Shifting interests, perhaps?

Who Would Jesus Hang Out With? Categories, Metaphors, and Ambiguity in YouTube Religious Discourse (accepted Religion and Spirituality in Society Conference, Chicago, 15-17 February 2011)

Are you 'human garbage' in God's eyes?: investigating metaphor and antagonism in YouTube video discourse (accepted Talk about Language Forum, Middlesex University, London, 7 March)
‘I love your metaphors so much’: Anaphoric metaphor use and reference in YouTube comment threads (proposed iMean conference, Bristol, UK, April 2011)

Vines, Branches, and Human Garbage: The emergence of Biblical metaphor use in Evangelical Christian discourse on YouTube (proposed RaAM workshop, Toledo, Spain, May 2011)

‘When you deal in metaphors...’: Negotiating category membership with metaphor in YouTube video comments (proposed BAAL Conference, Bristol, UK, September 2011)