03 January 2011

2010 Winter Break Memorial Half Marathon

As you can see, I've already blown one New Year's resolution of staying under 78 kgs (78.2 yesterday and 78.8 today). Really a mystery as I have kept my kCals in less than out, but I guess when you eat 50-75% more than what you usually do, it doesn't matter if you're working out 90 minutes a day.

Oh well, a bit shorter and slower than Saturday. But not bad for back-to-back runs. Perhaps I will attempt 42 on Saturday. We'll see.

Name: Regular Run
Time Taken: 01:44:44
Workout Weight: 78.0 kg.
Workout Route: January Half Marathon 2 03/01/2011
Burned: 1,765 (kcal)
Pace: 04:54 (avg)
Speed: 12.23 (km/hr) (avg)