05 January 2011


Well, my chat with the doctor was pretty uninteresting, leading me to believe that the chance for zaniness or wackiness in this process is going to be rather limited. The conversation went like this:
Doctor: So you want a vasectomy?
Me: Yessir.
Doctor: You're a little young to be getting a vasectomy.
Me: I have been married for almost five years--we have two kids and one on the way. I'm pretty content.
Doctor: Great, I'll write the referral.
Me: Isn't there a one in thirty chance I'll have chronic testicular pain?
Doctor: Extremely rare. Probably less than that.
Me: Oh.
And that was that. It will probably take about four months to actually get done, but no matter, any time before the end of June should be fine.

On to the next thing. I have been in a vicious cycle buying cheap shoes for a while. I got some nice Dr Martens in 2009 that were great, but about two sizes too big (I got them on sale on the Internet). Then I traded them in for those great shoes I got at the charity shop this summer, but the soles fell off those and although I replaced them, the leather ripped a couple of days ago. Six months is not a long time to have shoes, but given that I walk so much, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, I'm back to the Dr Martens, I think. I tried them on in the store and then ordered them online for £50.
So these are good, I think: I wanted to get the Gilberto boots, but they didn't have my size.

Oh well. I'll have to stay with the Oxfords for now. There are worse things in life. The Docs are both sewn and glued, giving them a lot more life than the charity shop shoes. And the soles are rubber, not leather. I probably should get a pair of shoes strictly for walking, but this seems like a bit of a waste. One pair of shoes for me, thanks.

Back to work.