07 January 2011

Marathon 1

I'm running my first marathon of the year tomorrow, if things work out. 42.31 km. It's basically just up and down the same path four times. It's straight and doesn't cross too many roads so I don't have to worry about getting hit by a car. It's a bit hilly, but I'll take hilly and straight over anything with an uneven path and/or sharp turns and/or cars. Here's what I will have on me tomorrow:
NY Yankees hat (bought in Seoul!)
Mobile phone
£5 in cash
LaCoste washcloth
Shoes & socks
Cereal bars (4)
Ipod & headphones (Tupac, Kanye, and Bon Iver)
Bandage & tape for left foot
Running tights, swimsuit, & shorts

So, we'll see how I do.

Post about new shoes, forthcoming!