11 January 2011

Potato Eaters

I too feel reduced to a description of myself as what I eat. I got to 9 January without January getting to me. That must be a record. And it's barely cold out. What's wrong with me.

Apparently, my calorie in/ calorie out adventure is now coming crashing down. Only works (for me) when I am eating less than 2,500 kCals. I can row/run/bike my ass off, always make a loss, but if I am eating more than 2,500 kCals, I gain weight. I have worked out more in the last three weeks than I have in five months. I've meticulously ate fewer calories than I have spent, with modest 100 kCal to 500 kCal losses each day. I weigh 4.5 kgs more than I did two and half weeks ago.

My weight is a perfect metaphor for the rest of my life right now. The equation isn't working. Do I need to press on with the same equation, revert to back to where I was, or look for a new one.