10 February 2011

Could be the essence of my PhD

This might be what my PhD is all about:
How others view this justification [of calling someone human garbage] then seems to depend on how they view scripture and Yokeup’s interpretation of it. For Evangelical Christians that agree with Yokeup’s view of scripture and his interpretation of it, his use of the term is laudable as he is taking an aggressive stance towards the ‘enemies of God’. The use of the term and Yokeup’s courage are to be publically supported.  For Christians (both Evangelical and otherwise) that may agree with Yokeup’s view of the scripture, but disagree with his interpretation, they must carefully reject the interpretation without denying what they see to be the truth of the scripture. For them, the issue is one of hermeneutics: the metaphor vehicle is inappropriate because it comes from a wrong reading of scripture, but scripture is still the word of God and to be taken as holding authority. For those that share neither Yokeup’s view of scripture nor his interpretation, the use of the term is simply an insult that should be rejected as rude and inappropriate on YouTube.