13 February 2011

Facebook and Twitter

I have been quiet on social media the last couple of weeks, mostly because I have been so busy with other things and realised that both Twitter and Facebook were taking a lot of my time, but not really giving me much benefit in terms of... well, anything, during the week. So I started using a site block add-on for Firefox. It was weird, I would still find myself clicking the icons for the first couple of days: obviously, it had become something that I was subconsciously doing.

Anyway, today I have updated to the new Firefox which required me to update a bunch of my add-ons, so I ended up with a better blocking programme called Leechblock, that will allow me to block the sites I don't want during the weekdays from 9 to 5. So that's much better. A little FB and Twitter here and there is fine.

Especially given the fact that FB is taking over the Internet. Don't believe me? Watch this. Actually quite convincing. This basically means FB becomes your browser. FB swallows the Internet. You can then look at the Internet with your friends right there beside you. Sounds convincing to me.