21 March 2011

Finding purpose on Saturdays and Sundays

I don't look forward much to the weekend except on Friday morning as I make my way down to London to teach for the day. The walk to the Oakwood Station after I finish teaching is the highlight of my week, usually, as I feel unburdened by everything and get a brief reprieve as all I need to do is ride trains for the next hour and a half. Come Saturday morning, however, I feel listless, like there is something I should be doing. That thing is relaxing with my family, but I've never been good at this: it turns into a task or I get sidetracked by the Internet. I need to be doing something for it to work and for me to not spend the whole day thinking about how all I want to do is snack and lie around. Yoko is always helpful in not making a lot of food on the weekends, making it easier for me to not gorge although I fight myself all weekend, with marginal successes or failures. Sunday night, I feel like I am more-or-less neither ready to go to work nor have another day off.

Oh, modern life.

So now it's Monday morning, and I made my way to work, but have been unsuccessful so far in actually working. Instead, I have have been making small adjustments to my LinkedIn profile. Someone suggested that I keep an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and so far, it looks like it might be useful. There are a lot of people in Japan with profiles, so I think I might do some Internet cold-calling of people I have a lot of shared connections with, hopefully getting some movement towards gainful employment post-September 2012.

I think I have another two posts in me about Japan and the earthquake, and then another one about my upcoming minor surgery, but we are leaving for Turkey on Sunday for a week (a task of relaxing: could be successful?) so I'm not sure when I will get to any of that. We'll have to see.