29 March 2011

Istanbul, Day 3

My computer plus this Internet connection has not made for a good relationship on this trip. Not sure why that is. No matter. If it takes me an hour to get this to stick, it will be an hour.

I also can't seem to get the photos to upload without the network crashing.

Failure on all sides.

Well, the trip continues to be a success. Lots of walking. Lots of beautiful things and kind people to meet. The city is full of positive energy. We waited a half an hour at the Blue Mosque during prayers before we could go in. The call to prayer from inside the courtyard was impressive in all the best ways.

The girls continue to be a big hit and I am starting to take pictures of people taking pictures with them. They love it: in the Mosque today a man comes up and wants to take pictures with them and struggles to say in English, I want to take one to Iran with me.

Well, the Internet connection is too overpowering for me to desire to press on. I need an iPad. Stat.