02 April 2011

One of these things is not like the others

I felt much, much better on this trip. It's amazing how bad it makes you feel to eat too much when you're travelling, especially after Day 1. This trip, I resolved to be different: ate what I wanted to, but not very much of any one thing and very careful not to do what I have done in the past which is wake up and start eating and just eat the whole time. Seriously, I felt so much better. No more gorge and exercise for me. Perhaps everyone else knows this already, but putting it into practice has really helped me: Don't eat sweets when you're hungry. Eat a little bit and enjoy it and fill up on vegetables and meat. Although the Turkish diet is a little carb heavy (more bread!?), my morning breakfast of yoghurt, raisins, and mulberries, ham, hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes, and coffee was really filling, but did very little damage on my caloric intake. I also didn't constantly eat candy. Having just bits of Turkish Delight at the Spice Market was perfect: perfect sizes and you really enjoy it too.

So. Good then.