21 April 2011

Standing all this time

I used the standing desk all this week and by the end of today, I didn't feel at all like I had done anything abnormal.
In fact, I was even reading standing up in the library. I don't know if it is changing anything, but I think I'm going to keep doing it. The feeling of purpose when standing is strange. I also did a lot of writing this week, even heavy writing with a lot of citations which I thought would be a problem as I had to read as well as write, but I just did the reading that I needed to standing up. The footrest/footrail is really important I think. It allows you to change you position up a bit. I moved the keyboard up too, although I have a bit of a pain in my right shoulder after the adjustment. Not sure if that's because it's just new, or if I need to change it again.

I've also been eating better, but not really taking care to stay under 2,500 kCals as I have for the last 8 months essentially. I think I made a mistake Tuesday and yesterday though as I forced myself up to 2,500 kCals and didn't feel great afterwards. Today I'm at just about 2,000 and feeling very full. Rather than trying to top it off, I'm just going to go with it and see what happens to my weight. My weight was up a little today, but my body fat percentage was lower than it's ever been, which is sort of my goal. Not sure how low the body fat will go without working out, but it was at 15.8% this morning, which is pretty low for me, especially as I'm not working out or doing any training to build muscle mass.

The beans have been really good too. I'm going to go to the Indian store in the market this weekend and get some beans and chillis to cook for myself. That should help the sodium intake and let me make an even more bean-centric lunch for next week, although Monday and Friday are national holidays so I'm not sure if I'll be going into work on those days, cutting back on my exercise. Tomorrow is also a Bank Holiday, so I think I will run. We have a party to go to in the afternoon, but given my change in thinking (not to exercise to eat more), I will probably not eat that much anyway. Well, I mean, I'll eat normally. 

Oh, and I almost forgot (how did I almost forget?): I'm pretty much 100% after my surgery. I say pretty much, but as I think about it, I didn't have any pain today, not even after getting off my bike. This is, what, 12 days later? The incision is almost completely healed. Everything is in working order. Odd that after all that, you just forget about it. And I suppose that's exactly what you want.

Anyway. Body/mind feels good though. I feel great. Things will continue on towards homoeostasis, I hope. Until then, I will tweak away.